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Mariscos Calientes

Mojarra image


Deep Fried Mojarra Served with Rice, Salad, Salsa, & Handmade Tortillas. Frita - Al Ajo - A la Diabla


Pulpo Sarandeado image

Pulpo Sarandeado

Seasoned and Grilled Octopus served over Rice and Sautéed Veggies with Garlic Bread


Camarones a La Diabla image

Camarones a La Diabla

Grilled Shrimp Diabla Style served with Side of Rice and Handmade Tortillas. Camarones Rancheros Available.

A La Diabla


Camarones Rancheros


Salmon a la Plancha image

Salmon a la Plancha

Fresh Grilled Alaskan Salmon served over Rice & Seasoned Veggies with Garlic Bread. Or choice of Tilapia.


Camarones Roca image

Camarones Roca

Candied Crispy Shrimp served over Rice and Seasoned Veggies with Garlic Bread


Camarones Envueltos image

Camarones Envueltos

Bacon wrapped shrimp served with rice, salsa, veggies, handmade tortillas


Empapelado image


Seasoned and Steamed Shrimp, Octopus, Fish, Clams, Muscles, Scallops, & Veggies. Served with Salad, Rice, Salsa, & Handmade Tortillas


Camarones a La Plancha image

Camarones a La Plancha

Seasoned Fresh Grilled Shrimp served with Rice, Salsa, & Salad.


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